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In immemorial times, Zeus summoned the gods of Olympus to gather. To each one of them, himself included, he assigned a task: To create a beverage that would please the gods. The 12 gods went on a quest to find the ingredients needed to make it. After 12 days and 12 nights, each one of them returned to Olympus to present his creation to the assembly and add the final ingredient: the mist of the gods, designed to numb the mind and senses. Thus, were created the nectars, beverages of the gods, whose recipes were preciously entrusted to a few chosen ones so that they could be shared with humans.
12 gods, 12 alcohols, 12 cocktails.

Nectar aims to make the general public discover little-known alcohols and so to make mixologist cocktails. These cocktails are offered on a boat, which is based on the quays of the Seine and moves to a new location every week. It is possible to place your order on the Nectar application. It also allows you to discover each alcohols’ history and the technic to create your cocktail.





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