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I often wonder what's the real role of a graphic designer. In 1835, Theophile Gautier stated the doctrine of "Art for Art's sake" in the preface of his book, "Mademoiselle de Maupin"


“Nothing is truly beautiful unless it cannot be used for anything"


But graphic design is not only art. Graphic design allows to make the junction between a specialized field and its audience. It allows to vulgarize a subject and to facilitate its understanding.


In that way, graphics designers can do anything. I can work for Gabon without knowing anything about this country, understand its codes and issues and translate it to make it attractive to people who are not familiar with it.


In this reflection, I understood the role I wanted to have as a graphic designer. As my reflections about my profession progressed, my desire to be an actor of change in a more united and greener world became clear. I often hesitated to change my path to help where I really felt the need. But what if my field was the one where I could be most useful? I realized that in order to create change, I needed to get the public interested in my cause and its issues. That's the connection I want to create. Graphic design is impactful and can convey my ecological and social values.


You have the same values? Then let's work together :)

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celine favre


Vezo is a bag brand made in France. The founder of the brand asked me to design a simple and elegant logo where the writing is represented by a sewing thread.

Who killed Granny?

“Who killed Granny?” (WKG) is a tool of expression and imagination to tell all kind of stories.


Strategy on the theme “Women in the street”. Creation of an interactive map application based on the information added and updated by the users allowing them to plan their safe journey; to alert in case of problems; and to communicate with other users.