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My latest projects

I frequently ponder about the true role of a graphic designer. In 1835, Theophile Gautier introduced the concept of "Art for Art's sake" in the preface of his book, "Mademoiselle de Maupin."

According to Gautier, "Nothing is truly beautiful unless it serves no practical purpose."

However, graphic design encompasses more than just art. It serves as a bridge between specialized fields and their target audiences, simplifying complex subjects and aiding comprehension.

As a result, graphic designers possess a versatile skill set. They can work on projects related to Gabon, even without prior knowledge of the country, by understanding its cultural norms and challenges and transforming them into visually appealing content that resonates with unfamiliar audiences.

As my thoughts about my profession evolved, a strong desire to contribute to a more unified and environmentally conscious world emerged. I have often contemplated pursuing a different career to make a meaningful impact where I feel truly needed. However, what if graphic design is the field where I can be most effective?

I came to the realization that, in order to instigate change, I needed to cultivate public interest in my cause and the issues it addresses. It dawned on me that graphic design holds great power and can effectively communicate my ecological and social values.

Do you share these same values? If so, let's collaborate together :)

About me

celine favre


Vezo is a bag brand made in France. The founder of the brand asked me to design a simple and elegant logo where the writing is represented by a sewing thread.

Who killed Granny?

“Who killed Granny?” (WKG) is a tool of expression and imagination to tell all kind of stories.


Strategy on the theme “Women in the street”. Creation of an interactive map application based on the information added and updated by the users allowing them to plan their safe journey; to alert in case of problems; and to communicate with other users.

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